Sexy Train Ride for the Solo Lover


Lost and found took a sensual turn when the train station bin contained a large, double-sided sex toy.

The discovery was made in England by Steve Simey, a 38-year-old commuter, who arrived at Romford station. Just before his exit, he walked to the end of the platform to dispose of his garbage.

As he took a closer peek into the public trash can, there was a pile of unwanted waste spilling over. One object stood out in particular — a large rubber dildo.

Simey said: “When I saw it I laughed and pointed it out to my partner and the others leaving the train.” Other people joined in for a good laugh and took photos to capture the unwanted object.

He added: “I showed the picture to the station staff who would probably have to clear it, but they thought it was a joke.” No one can take a double-sided dildo seriously.

He took to social media to share his experience with the caption: “Off the train after a few beers and this is what’s been discarded at Romford station. It’s Holy Week.” The post started to trend with over 1,300 likes.

Environmentally conscious folks claim that the dildo belongs in the recycle bin, not the garbage bin. A user wrote: “At least they used the bin. Could of put it in recycling seems to have plenty of life left.” They are welcome to assist the station staff with the safe disposal if they desire to get their hands dirty.

Some people are ready to repurpose the unwanted treasure. A comment read: “Give it a scrub and give it to the British Heart Foundation? Tell the old biddies it’s a special draft excluder?”

They will need more than bleach to get this back into new condition.


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