Sharpen Your Pencil in a Rat’s Behind


Most people turn to taxidermy in order to show off a big catch or to even memorialize a pet. A wacky taxidermist is changing the game by repurposing different animals into unusual artworks.

One of Jack Devaney’s most beloved creations is a two-in-one pencil case sharpener made from a dead rat. The pencil case zipper was added where the animal’s spine used to be and the sharpener was added to the rear, making it the ultimate pencil case.

The 26-year-old often buys rodents from pet shop freezers to create some of his one-of-a-kind works of art to share on social media and sold via his company World Around Ewe. Devaney also specializes in “animalgamations,” where he combines different animals to make unusual creations. Think two duck heads and a rat’s tail to create “A Duck Tale.”

The artist from the United Kingdom said: “It’s mad how much you can make out of a rat; there’s a lot of mileage to them. You’ve got heads that you can turn into fridge magnets, legs that you can use to make pawtable high five machines, tails that you can turn into wrigglers, and ball sacks you can put in pendants.”

Devaney showcases his work on TikTok, with multiple viral videos allowing him to sell more odd pieces.


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