Sheep Catches a Ride From Police


Most of the time, criminals are the only ones to ride in the back of a police cruiser. In this instance, an escaped sheep was one to be given a lift home after it escaped from its owner’s property.

A sergeant and deputy chief from the Old Town Police Department responded to the report of a loose sheep on a resident’s property in Old Town, Maine. The officers were able to wrangle the sheep and coax it into climbing into the back seat of a police cruiser.

The Old Town Police Department posted on their Facebook page about the incident. The caption for their post explained the situation more: “This morning we received a call of a sheep that wandered on to someone’s property. Sergeant Bailey and Deputy Chief Miller responded and were able to corral the sheep and direct him into the back seat of our police cruiser. DC Miller lives on a farm and has extensive experience handling farm animals.

“After a brief stroll around the neighborhood, they were able to locate the sheep’s home and return him to his owner.”

Users had a fun time in the comments of the post. One person wrote: “He was a baaaaaahd boy!”

Another commented: “He was on the lamb.”


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