Sheep Fighting Its Own Reflection Smashes Business Window


A New Zealand business was broken into by an unlikely culprit. As seen in a video posted by Michael Walsh, an escaped sheep can be seen on security camera footage repeatedly smashing into a business in Onehunga, a suburb of Auckland.

The sheep can be seen attacking its own reflection in the business window until its third headbutt shatters the glass. The two other sheep along for the late-night vandalism scurry away from the scene of the crime and so does the guilty culprit after the glass is shattered.

Walsh posted the video on the Onehunga Community Facebook group warning people in the area about the rambunctious animal on the loose. The video included the caption: “Yet another ram raid last night. It’s really getting out of hand!”

The video has been shared across Facebook over 14,000 times with several people having a laugh about the vandalizing sheep. One of the users wrote: “Well done these little offenders need to be more severely dealt with.”

A second person hilariously commented: “You have to admit he looked a bit sheepish when he broke the window. Wonder what the ramifications of that will be.”

Another user wrote: “I bet when they get nabbed they’ll try and pull the wool over the copper’s eyes.”


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