Sheep Is a Prestigious Status Symbol


Luxury cars and large mansions are overrated markers of success as a rare Ladoum sheep in Senegal presents Africans with a new status symbol. The value of the breed line exceeds $85,000. Ladoum is popular among wealthy families and reputable breeders.

The income inequality gap is evident when we consider that 40 percent of the population earns a living of $1.90 per day and there are affluent communities that can afford to drop outrageous amounts on sheep.

What do they fancy in a sheep? Africans are captivated by their enormous physical demeanor that reaching a height of 1.2 meters and 385 pounds. People watch the Ladoum sheep on beauty pageants and keep up to date with in-demand breeders on social media. There is a community obsessed with these majestic creatures. They not only make great pets but they are delicious meat for a wholesome feast.

Abou Kane, a local breeder, said: “Above everything else in Senegal, we love beautiful beasts. The Ladoum is both big and beautiful. It is the rarity of this breed that makes it so expensive and profitable. This breed is rare and highly prized, and anything that is rare in the world is expensive.”

“Owning a Ladoum differentiates you from other people. When my children see someone with a big sheep, they know that this is a very important person. Ladoums are for the stars, not ordinary people,” Chef Fatou Sen said.

The stars do not drive Ferraris in Senegal. They have Ladoum sheep idling resting on their properties.


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