Sheikh Builds Largest Hummer in the World


A Sheikh who holds the record for the biggest collection of 4×4 cars now has built the planet’s largest Hummer. The vehicle was built to have two stories and includes a sink and a toilet on the first floor.

This gigantic monster truck is way larger than an ordinary Hummer, clocking in at 46ft (14m long), 20ft (6m) wide and 21.6ft (6.6m) tall. It also runs on four diesel engines.

The billionaire member of the Emirati royal family boasts the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of 4×4 models, with 718 in his personal collection. This means it would take him nearly two years to use each one if he drove one a day.

Built on the frame of a U.S. Army LARC-LX steel-hulled amphibious cargo vehicle, the Hummer is fully driveable and can reach speeds of up to 32km/h.

Both floors of the interior are still being worked on but will include a majlis (a private place where house guests and friends are received and entertained) with a 360-degree view. It also contains the steering cabin.

Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), commissioned the vehicle for his Sharjah Off Road History Museum. The hummer will become the latest addition to the museum in Sharjah, located around 30km north of Dubai.

This super Hummer, called the Hummer H1 X3, was driven on public roads to the museum. The museum says it is “three times bigger than a normal Hummer H1 by scale and 27 times by volume.”


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