Show Off Some Sex Toy Shoes


Have you ever wondered what happens to defective sex toys that go unused? Most of the time, they’re thrown in the trash but now, a streetwear label is partnering with an adult toy company to create a shoe derived from defective sex toys.

David Teitelbaum and Chad Braverman, founder of Rose in Good Faith and Chad Braverman, chief operating officer for Doc Johnson, created the shoe, which looks like Merrell’s Hydro Moc or Yeezy’s Foam Runners.

“Personally, I love shoes. So it was a cool product, a really interesting way to get Doc Johnson on board with something that I would never ever do,” Braverman said.

The brand prides itself on being a more sustainable option compared to its competitors. Around 15 percent of Plastic Soul’s shoes are made from unused sex toys and the rest is a non-bleach EVA, a petroleum-based foam that’s difficult to recycle.

Braverman says his company is able to reuse some of the base material from its manufacturing reject but he’s glad he figured out what they could do with the rest. He decided on the shoe collaboration to promote sex positivity through fashion and innovation.

To harness the power from the defective sex toys, they’re grinded into millimeter-sized cubes of thermoplastic elastomer, a mix of rubber and plastic that lends itself to injection molding. Natural cork is added to the insole for additional support.

The slip-on shoes retail for $130 and were originally introduced in white. The company plans to release a black colorway shortly.


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