Single Monkeys Get It On With Stones


Visitors to Bali’s Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary are in for a visual treat as these monkeys deliver an erotic performance that outshines porn.

Researchers from the University of Lethbridge revealed findings where the monkeys use stone tools as sex toys for self-pleasure. These monkeys improvise in a resourceful manner to get their sexual needs met since purchases from adult stores are out of the realm of possibilities for them.

In a recent study, researchers examined video footage of long-tailed monkeys in the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. They witnessed hundreds of examples of monkey masturbation where they were spotted rubbing or tapping stones against their genitals in a seated position.

One can’t help but wonder if that area was just itchy or if the action was directly related to sexual pleasure. The answer is clear with male monkeys as the penises were stretched out with one hand or erect. So sexual pleasure is the intention of these horny monkeys. As for females, the motive remains unclear.

Female monkeys opt for rougher stones for their genitals and the researchers rationalize this choice by explaining that rough stones deliver greater stimulation than smooth stones.

Bang on, wild monkeys. According to Dr. Cyril Grueter, an Associate Professor of Primatology at the University of Western Australia, “It doesn’t need to provide a function other than self-reward. As long as the behavior doesn’t negatively affect an individual’s fitness, it may not be weeded out.”

Sanctuary visitors impact the prevalence of this solo activity as their food handouts reduce the time monkeys spend searching for their natural food source. Dr. Grueter adds, “This frees up time in their activity schedule that can be devoted to non-essential activities, such as masturbation with sex toys.”

Can we really shame them? They need to find a way to entertain themselves and kill time.


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