Skip Dinner and Enjoy a Liquid Mac and Cheese Martini


Cheese is a topping that can be sprinkled on various dishes as many people enjoy indulging in a limitless supply of cheesy goodness. Cheese pizza and pasta is finger-licking good but how about a cheesy drink? Does a cheese-infused vodka become a repeat order or get poured down the sink for you?

Introducing Veltini, a unique cocktail brought to life by the team at Velveeta and BLT Restaurants. The drink comprises vodka, olive brine, and vermouth. It will not be complete without the jumbo-size Velveeta Shells & Cheese.

The item is available at the BLT Steak restaurant in downtown D.C. Velveeta also released a limited number of Velveeta Veltini Kits online via Goldbelly that supplies all of the ingredients required to replicate this thirst-quenching, extravagant cocktail at home. Everything is packaged neatly in the kit except for the liquor — buyers will need to add their choice of alcohol into the cocktail.

The product description for the kit reads: “The unapologetic, outrageously cheesy, must-try cocktail of the summer is here! Encouraging fans to live a life filled with bold, unrestrained pleasure, VELVEETA, known for its cheesy, melty smoothness, is bringing its rich and creamy goodness to a cocktail for the first time ever.”

The makers of the drink pride themselves on being daring and different, where raising eyebrows is not a discouraging reaction. The creators embrace unconventionally and there are no bounds to creativity in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, cheese lovers jumped on this offer too fast and the limited supply online has been sold out. However, curious individuals can still visit BLT Steak restaurants to get their hands on the drink.


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