Skunk Gets Head Stuck in Peanut Butter Jar


It’s not every day that you see a skunk running around with a jar on its head. Apparently, the aroma of peanut butter was too strong for one skunk. To make sure every inch of the jar was cleaned, the animal dug deep into the jar, getting its head stuck in the process.

Authorities in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, came to the rescue of a skunk that was spotted wandering into traffic with a peanut butter jar stuck over its head.

Ottawa Bylaw and Regulatory Services posted a thread on Twitter about the rescue mission. The Ottawa Bylaw is the municipal government branch that’s responsible for enforcing local bylaws like animal control services.

An officer was the one to spot the skunk in the road with its head stuck in a jar and put a safe plan into action to avoid getting sprayed by the skunk. According to authorities, the officer “was able to carefully remove the container — without getting sprayed.”

As for the skunk, it “ran away safely without issue.” It was probably more than glad to get that jar off its head.


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