Skunk Sprays Robbery Suspect


Skunks have a smell that lingers for a long period of time so it’s best to avoid them or they’ll stop you in your tracks. That’s exactly what one skunk managed as it beat deputies to the chase, spraying a robbery suspect before his arrest.

A suspect wearing a face mask and holding a flashlight at a church in Deer Park, Washington, was spotted on the building’s live surveillance feed. He was seen looking at the audio equipment when deputies from the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office were called.

The suspect walked past an open window, then proceeded to make his way outside where deputies waited to arrest him. The 28-year-old was told to show his hands and get on the ground.

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office posted about the incident on Facebook. “He began to follow the commands when suddenly a skunk came running around the corner, approached Simonson, and released its well-known and malodorous spray before fleeing the area,” the sheriff’s office said.

The man was identified as Grant M. Simonson. He told officers he was “wide awake and bored,” which prompted him to go on a bike ride. He noticed the open church window and went inside because he was “curious.”

Simonson was arrested for second-degree burglary. As for the skunk, its whereabouts are unknown. The sheriff’s office did confirm that “the skunk is a wild animal and not affiliated with law enforcement or the church.”


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