Sleek Vintage Car Leads To Facial Injuries


The visual appeal of muscle cars goes down if the vehicle drivers end up grinning toothlessly at the destination.

When modifying a car, owners are encouraged to use their discretion to ensure safety precautions are in effect. Muscle cars might be more desirable with higher horsepower but increasing the horsepower can pose a risk for the driver and passenger safety.

Russ Stover and Shawn Davis, Automotive Stars from the popular YouTube channel AutotopiaLA, faced a car crash with their modified 1964 Mercury Comet.

Stover amended the car over the span of 23 years and the modification costs added up to over $200,000. The car came equipped with 632 Merlin big blog V-8 along with a 1471 BDS supercharger on the top. The combination of these two parts allowed for 1300 horsepower under the right pedal.

While testing the vehicle on the street drive, Stover had to apply the Comet’s brakes due to the engine racing off of idle, staying at approximately 2200 rpm. Stover wrote in the comment section of his clip that the Comet creates 900 lb/ft of torque at the engine speed. His Wilwood stoppers were implemented 17 years ago, and Stover later realized that a bigger set of stoppers should have been installed once the power levels increased.

This realization happened after the collision. During a stoplight at around 45 mph, the Comet lost its brakes and crashed into other vehicles. Davis hit himself against the metal dashboard resulting in facial injuries with four broken teeth. Stover’s right elbow was also injured by the impact of the collision.

Fortunately, both of the men made a full recovery shortly after the collision. Moving forward, they will be taking their cars for regular inspections to minimize the risk of accidents. After all, YouTube stars need their full set of teeth too.


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