Smiling Potato Kept in Woman’s Freezer


Everyone needs a little joy every once in a while. To help her get through the darkest days, a woman decided to keep a potato in her freezer for the past five years because it looked like it was smiling.

In 2017, Lori Bricks was making has browns when she spotted the spud. He was “so friendly looking” that she had to keep him, chucking it in the freezer to maintain its cuteness.

“I couldn’t turn him into a hash brown because he was just so friendly looking. He just made me laugh so hard, I couldn’t throw him away or eat him. I remember thinking it would be a shame to get rid of him,” Bricks said.

Lori and her husband named the carb ‘Pete’ and his features include clearly defined eyes, nostrils and a smiling mouth. To go a step further, the couple put together a photoshoot for Pete, which shows him reclining in a chair, watching television and sitting at a dinner table. Potatoes most certainly will not be on the menu.

“I didn’t realize how happy he was going to make people. I think everybody needs something silly right now and I think it hit the spot with everyone. People were saying it had made their day and that made me happy,” Bricks said.

It doesn’t seem like the 51-year-old will be getting rid of Pete anytime soon. She plans to keep the spud for at least another five years so she can complete an updated photoshoot to mark a decade together.


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