Snake on a Train Causes Delays for 2,700 Passengers in Japan

Slithering snakes can cause a bunch of trouble. A train company in Japan said that around 2,700 passengers experienced delays after a snake was spotted on a commuter train.

The East Japan Railroad Co. reported that a passenger on a JR Yamanote Line train in Tokyo informed personnel at Shibuya Station that a snake had been spotted in the eighth car of the 11-car train.

The train had to be stopped at Komagome Station where passengers were evacuated so staff could search for the stowaway snake. When the serpent was not located, the train was returned to service but passengers were kept out of the car where the sighting was reported.

The train made its last stop at Osaki Station and was then taken to a maintenance center in Shinagawa Ward to be thoroughly searched. There, an employee found the nearly eight-inch snake hiding under a seat in the car.

The animal was turned over to police, who identified it as a young, non-venomous Japanese rat snake. Officials reported that the snake would be released in the wild.

Around 2,700 passengers experienced some sort of delay as a result of the sighting.