Snakes as Ear Plugs

Place the memory foam earplugs back on the bedside drawer, as those will be unnecessary when snakes slither around the residence. A video went viral on Facebook that had people cringing and squirming in discomfort. The video features a snake trapped inside an Indian woman’s ear and her earlobes have become the snake’s warm sanctuary as he wasn’t coming out without a fight.

A doctor attempted to remove the snake from the woman’s ear with tweezers but was unsuccessful in pulling out the reptile. The snake’s mouth was wide open and peeking out of the ear. As the video continued, the doctor managed to get the snake to shut its mouth.

Towards the end of the video, the doctor must have given up as the woman’s earlobe was disinfected with a cotton ball while the snake snuggly rested.

Based on insight from wildlife experts, snakes leave their habitat due to heavy flooding. Snakes intrude on homes to stay out of the water. The snake slipped into the woman’s ear while she was sleeping on the floor as a refuge from the deep waters. If the woman continues to sleep on the floor, this snake might just get a companion on the other side.