Snakes That Can Walk Are the Future


Snakes are terrifying enough as it is, they really don’t need any additions to become even scarier versions of themselves. A snake that can walk using robotic feet has taken the internet by storm, making some people’s worst nightmares come to life.

YouTuber Allen Pan posted a freaky video on the platform showing off the reptile walking around using four robotic feet like it was absolutely nothing.

“I actually feel bad for snakes. They lost their legs ― and nobody is even trying to find them. Except for me,” Pan said.

To help snakes out, he built a tube a snake can crawl into that is “totally voluntary.” Yes, the snake had the option to climb inside to experience an entirely new sensation. The tube can then move forward on its robot legs with the snake inside resting comfortably.

Thankfully, the snake was not the one controlling the walking device. At least for now they weren’t. The four robotic legs consist of three joints and two servos that can be controlled wirelessly by a laptop. Also, the device was not moving very fast, probably to keep from scaring the snake out of the tube.

Pan was extremely excited that his experiment worked, even taking the snake for a quick walk around the studio.

Snakes are said to have lost their legs over 100 million years ago. Maybe this test has one snake yearning for the good old days once again.


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