Sneaky Seagull Steals Chips From Shop

A hungry shoplifting seagull is believed to have stolen over $370 worth of snacks from his local Tesco store in Paignton, Devon.

The seagull, who has stolen booty on numerous occasions, usually waits outside of a Tesco Extra for the automatic doors to open before making its move. The bird will then sneak inside and pick out his choice of chips for the day. This often varies from Mini Cheddars, Monster Munch, and his favorite: Tangy Cheese Doritos.

To the locals familiar with the bird, they’ve affectionately named him ‘Steven Seagull’ after the Hollywood actor Steven Seagal. Staff at the store say that Steven has been known to make his move up to three times a day. He often has time to scurry off down the street before anyone can catch up to him.

Liam Brown, who took a video of the seagull during its latest shoplifting venture, said: “I’ve seen him go in a few times. This time he hopped onto my car bonnet so I started recording — I knew he was up to something.

“He jumped down and started chewing gum off the floor, then he walked into the shop and ran off with a pack of Mini Cheddars.”

It’s been roughly estimated that Steven has stolen over 35 pounds of food and $370 worth of food in the span of a year, which is quite impressive for a small gull.

Although Steven mostly scampers away daily with a haul, staff have to shoo him away on the odd occasion so they don’t lose all their stock. They’re always keeping an eye out for whenever the seagull will strike next.