Sonar Image Shows Shocking Discovery


Researchers have been working hard on uncovering the mystery behind a sonar image they took. At first, the group thought it was a 50-foot megalodon shark, which would have meant the prehistoric beast had somehow returned to our oceans.

The Atlantic Shark Institute posted about their discovery on Facebook. The group, based out of Rhode Island, shared the stunning image that was captured on their fish finder located off the coast of New England. “Does the Meg exist? On a recent shark research trip we were all amused to see this shape appear on our fish finder for several minutes,” they said.

Based on the size of the shark-shaped blob, the researchers estimated that the megalodon would be about 50 feet long and weigh around 40 tons. However, their excitement was extremely short-lived when they actually discovered what the sonar image was.

“We waited for one of the rods to go off. However, much to our disappointment, the shape started to transition into a large school of Atlantic mackerel that hung around the boat for about 15 minutes,” the Atlantic Shark Institute explained.

Experts say that the megalodon was the largest fish to ever live, measuring around 58 feet, with some being even larger in size. The sharklike creature disappeared more than three million years ago but our oceans are quite big. Who knows what lies beneath the waves?


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