South Carolina Community Shocked Over Unexpected Drag Show

A simple night out took an unexpected turn. National Night Out in Columbia, South Carolina, is known as a way to bring the police and the public together to build trust in the community. That idea flew out the window after an unexpected drag show performance occurred where the queen in question’s private parts appeared to be visible.

While some were saying that didn’t like what they saw, authorities handling the matter said that nothing illegal took place. One woman who attended the annual event was completely shocked. “I was so appalled that this was a city-sponsored event,” the unnamed woman said.

The event happened at Hampton Park and was hosted by the neighborhood’s association. The former president of the association and drag performer, Tige Watts, said that what happened was an accident and was not intentional.

Credit ABC News 4

“The simple fact that someone would assume the absolute worst when we had nothing but the best of intentions,” Watts said.

Some attendees were not aware the show would be happening and weren’t happy the event took place with children present in the crowd. “I don’t have kids, but if I did I wouldn’t want them to ever see anything like that.”

Watts has since come forward and resigned as the president of the neighborhood association. He also said that he won’t ever host a drag show at a community event again. “I would’ve appreciated a little more understanding and a little less jumping to conclusions,” Watts said.