Spam Introduces Figgy Pudding for a Seasonal Treat

Food remixes can either be a hit or miss depending on the combination. In today’s funky food mix, one can of processed meat stands out: Spam Fuggy Pudding.

The traditional Spam contains pork, sugar, water, salt, potato starch and sodium nitrate. This new seasonal remix includes “fig and orange flavors, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger and allspice.” The combination of those ingredients may lead to an upset stomach or you could walk away with a new food craving.

Figgy pudding is a part of the British holiday tradition featuring a steamed cake that contains raisins, currants and brandy. If we toss in some packaged meat to the current figgy pudding recipe, that would make up the innovative Spam Figgy Pudding.

If this combination has your mouthwatering, hurry along since it’s sold out on the company website and Amazon listings. Walmart might have a few cans if you can beat the crowd.

The creators explain their creation: “The makers of the SPAM® Brand wanted to create a limited-edition seasonal variety that captures the magic, warm flavors and nostalgia we all crave during the holiday season. And with SPAM® Figgy Pudding, the brand did it all in one can.”

Although it sounds like a bizarre food creation, this review might have us giving it a shot: “The texture is vastly improved by frying over a broad surface and stuffing with crispy bits of bread. The little bite from chunks of celery and onion are a welcome respite from the heavy fattiness of ham paste.”

“The flavor, hand to heaven, is pretty good. Especially if crisped up, it would work in a plethora of recipes instead of chopped ham or bacon bits, adding some traditional winter flavor without stomping over your grandmother’s recipe collection like Godzilla through Santa’s Village.

So give thanks, America. If all these flavors can not only meld together in harmony but actually improve on the original formula, so can we.”

Source: https://www.spam.com/figgypudding