Spiritual Man Flashes His Meat To The Mexican Food Lovers


The evening is the perfect time for the crazies to make a strange appearance.

Kenneth Grey, 29-year-old, was arrested by the Florida police for trespassing around the property of a closed Mexican restaurant. He was present at the location with “his pants opened and genitals exposed” at 2:15 a.m., and the sight of his penis will be something the restaurant owners hope to erase from their minds.

While on the property, Grey was chanting random phrases, and he revealed a spiritual side to himself. Unfortunately for him, his solo spiritual awakening ended on an abrupt note. He stumbled on a silent alarm after hopping over the fence at the Red Mesa Cantina in St. Petersburg. The alarm triggered the immediate attention of the restaurant owners.

The restaurant owners called the police to resolve the issue with the trespasser. When the cops arrived at the scene, Grey was sitting inside a fenced area near the outdoor bar with his genitals revealed. He was arrested and charged with loitering and prowling, a misdemeanor.

After the confrontation with the police, Grey confessed to the crime of trespassing. According to his statement, his chants are a spiritual act, and it is an integral part of his spiritual cleansing.

If this act is a sign of spiritual enlightenment, we might have to opt out of the awakening process.


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