Spoiled Pup Refuses to Drink Tap Water


One spoiled pooch is costing his owner an extra $50 a month for only drinking bottled water. Talk about expensive taste!

Lizzi Pallister is the owner of a five-month-old French bulldog named Henry. His high-maintenance lifestyle has forced Pallister into spending extra money on bottled water he can drink.

Henry has even got caught on to Pallister’s attempts to re-fill the water bottles from the tap. He’ll only drink the water if she opens up a fresh bottle in front of him.

“I’ve never met a dog like Henry before. He has to be the centre of attention — he’s 100 percent a diva.

“When I put tap water down on the floor, he nudges it and looks at me as if to say ‘Nice try, now where’s my bottled water?’ I go through 24 bottles of water each week at a cost of £10. I’ve tried putting tap water in bottles in a bid to fool him, but he just knows.

“I actually have to open the bottle in front of him and pour it into his bowl before he’ll drink it. He’d drink from a bottle if I held one out for him,” she said.

Pallister explained Henry is also reluctant to climb stairs or sleep alone. The 29-year-old figures that the pup’s addiction to bottled water began when he saw her two-year-old girl drinking from one. Will he grow out of it after his puppy stage or is this pooch a diva for life?


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