Sports Reporter Slides Into Injury


Who knew sports reporting could be such a dangerous job? A Los Angeles Dodgers’ television and radio reporter learned firsthand how risky his job was.

David Vassegh thought it would be entertaining for viewers to see him slide down the large, white slide at the ballpark in Brewtown. He wanted to emulate Milwaukee Brewers mascot Bernie Brewer who has completed the stunt on multiple occasions.

Instead of gracefully gliding down the slide, he flew down at full speed and had to brace himself when exiting the equipment. Unfortunately, his reaction time was a bit slow and he ended up crashing into the side of the bottom of the slide.

Video of the incident circulated on Twitter, showing Vassegh soar down the slide and ultimately hitting the wall and the end of his journey. He broke two bones in his right wrist and cracked six ribs in the process.

“That time, it went a lot faster. It was a lot slicker the second time. That’s where it got a little out of control at the end,” Vassegh said about the incident. He joked that he only completes his own stunts but moving forward “I’ll learn not to do my own stunts from now on.”

Despite missing the first few innings because of the pre-game accident, he returned in the fifth inning with his right arm in a sling. During his post-game chat with Austin Barnes after the 2-1 Los Angeles win, Barnes claimed his home was for Vassegh.

He added: “I know you had a little accident today on the slide, so we all rallied for you.”


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