Squirrel Causes Thousands to Lose Power


Squirrels have become known for being pests for residents but this was taken to a whole new level by one bushy-tailed animal.

A cuddly squirrel caused thousands of residents in Minnesota to lose power because it decided it wanted to interfere with electrical equipment. Definitely not a place an animal should be hanging out. Maybe it was looking for a place to hide its nuts and mistook a substation for a tree?

The Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative, one of the biggest electrical providers in the state, said in a statement that a squirrel came “in contact with substation equipment” which ultimately letter over 4,000 residents in the dark. A substation refers to a set of equipment reducing the high voltage of electrical power transmission to that suitable for supply to consumers

Thankfully, the power outage occurred in Prior Lake around 7 a.m. on a Sunday, meaning the majority of people were probably asleep at the time of the disruption. According to Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative, power was only out for around an hour, being restored shortly after 8 a.m. that same day.

Unfortunately, utility officials provided no news about the squirrel’s whereabouts and well-being.


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