Squirrel Knocks Out Power to Thousands of Tennessee Homes

Losing power can be tough to deal with depending on how long the outage lasts. Utility officials in a Tenessee town had a number of customers that lost power when a rogue squirrel came into contact with substation equipment.

Dickson Electric System in Dickson, Tennessee, announced on Twitter that a “cute little squirrel” was the culprit of the outage and “created a whole lot of chaos.” “We won’t share the picture of the culprit (RIP) but we’ve included a photo of the damage done to our substation by the little rascal,” the company said.

One person commented on the post that the squirrel might not be an adorable-looking creature anymore. They wrote: “I bet that squirrel is not cute anymore.”

The company said that nearly one-third of customers had lost power because of the incident. Customers in the area were without power for only a short period of time until power was restored.