Stay at a ‘Literal Air Bee and Bee’

A huge fan of bees and looking to experience nature to the fullest? This literal Air Bee and Bee could be the right pick for your next holiday getaway.

Wonder Bee & Bee is the world’s first bee farm listed on Airbnb, allowing guests to sleep with the sweet sounds of over one million buzzing bees.

The lively lodge is located on Rocco Filomeno’s Italian olive farm between Grottole and Matera. The unique building was designed by artist Davide Tagliabue and financed through crowdfunding. It was able to come to life with the help of local volunteers from Wonder Grottole Social Company who erected the structure. Made entirely of fir and birchwood, the accommodation only cost $17,000 to make.

The entire idea for Wonder Bee & Bee was for visitors to be able to fall asleep to the humming sound of bees, which is known to have a soothing effect on the human body. There are nine hives that connect to the giant hive that sits in the middle of the structure. It’s home to over one million bees, surely enough to make anyone drift asleep.

“This is the first place in the world where you can sleep immersed in the distinctive sound and aroma of the bees, experiencing ‘bee-therapy’ in the most authentic and natural way,” beekeeper Rocco Filomeno said.

While staying at this Air Bee and Bee, guests can also enjoy the olive grove, unplug from the outside world and of course, watch as the bees busily build their hive.