Stay in an Overpriced Tent for Your Next Vacation


Looking for an Airbnb getaway? Spend a luxurious night in a tiny tent in someone else’s backyard! This tent is a one-bedroom surrounded by greenery listed for a modest $75 in the heart of Dublin, Ireland.

Airbnb is known for its quirky listing but in reality, this listing sent social media ablaze with the host attempting to list a tent in the concrete garden of their backyard as a “private room in Dublin” for the same price as some motels.

One inquisitive Airbnb user messaged the host about their property about whether or not the posting was a joke, which many assumed it was by looking at the original listing.

It turns out, the listing is no joke. Twitter user Aimée reached out and received the response: “Hi Aimee. Its not a joke. However, maybe a comfortable couch in the living room is something you prefer. I have a very large living room for that and several couches. And its listed also.”

Aimée provided an update on the listing, which has since been removed from the Airbnb website. It’s currently unknown if the listing was removed by the host or Airbnb itself after receiving backlash online for allowing a listing like this to be posted.

Twitter users added their astonishment under the original post. One user commented: “Bring your own bed?”

Another wrote referring to the crazy listings found on Airbnb: “This is up there with the worst I’ve seen.”


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