Stay the Night in a Grave


The price of rent has only skyrocketed over the last few years. Some landlords are getting extra greedy by listing absolutely anything they can call a room.

A room in Malaysia’s capital of Kuala Lumpur has been described online as “a hole for a grave.” Not exactly the place most would want to stay.

A picture made its way around Twitter that showed off a claustrophobic room in the Maluri area. The viral tweet read: “Good morning [to all] except for homeowners in KL that rent out rooms like this.”

In the picture, a small foam mattress laying on the floor takes up the entire width of the room. The length isn’t much longer either. Plus, there is no window included, with the only other features are a mounted wall fan and a plug socket. At least you’ll be able to charge your phone in your prison cell.

The room is being leased for RM300 or $100 a month, which could work if you’re desperate enough for a place to say.

The online community definitely had something to say about the horrifying humble abode. One person said: “Modern day casket.”

Another user wrote: “You’re a wizard Harry,” referring to the character’s bedroom under a staircase.


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