Stealing Fruit Can Get You the Boot


Food prices are out of this world, especially if you’re looking to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. A pair of thieves wanted to indulge in some delicious watermelon without the ridiculous price and ended up stealing over 50 in the process.

Officers from the Merced County Sheriff’s officers responded to a trespassing call at a farm. When they arrived, the man said that people were stealing watermelons from his field.

Deputies witnessed a car leaving the field after speaking to the man and were able to stop the vehicle from going any further. Officers found Erick Vasquez and Brayan Vasquez Buenrostro with 57 watermelons in the backseat and trunk of their car.

The Merced County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook that the 23-year-old and 30-year-old were both arrested and face numerous charges related to the incident, including felony grand theft of fruit. The watermelons were returned to their original owner.


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