Stolen Car Discovered on Top of a Metal Drum at Roundabout

Scottish police officers were speechless when they found a car abandoned and parked on top of a metal drum in the middle of a roundabout. Instead of leaving the car parked on a flat surface, suspects put in extra effort and pulled off a balancing act with the vehicle hanging on the head of the drum.

Police don’t have an answer as to how the black Honda Civic ended up at the roundabout and assumed the car must have been stolen from a property in the area. They discovered the car early morning at Scott’s Street roundabout in Annan, in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, near a Tesco supermarket.

Residents in the community drove past the car and were confused at the unusual parking spot. A local said: “Not something you see every day outside Tesco. No idea what’s going on.”

Credit: Jam Press/David Holt

While another added: “Can’t park there mate.” When it comes to the parking rules, some people just march to the beat of their own drums.

Another chuckled at calling it an art piece and nicknamed it as “Bargain Banksy.”

A different person teased: “Elon Musk’s new vertical landing Honda.”

Officers are in the middle of an investigation to learn more about the events that led up to this parking situation. Sgt Brian Dickson said: “Enquiries are ongoing to establish the full circumstances of this incident.

“Anyone with any information about this theft or the vehicle being left on the roundabout is urged to contact police. We are particularly keen to hear from anyone with dash-cam or CCTV footage which may show the car being transported or abandoned.”

Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-south-scotland-65625831