Stolen Rocket Explodes in Vehicle


One person learned their lesson after stealing a rocket from the Ukrainian battlefield and having it explode in their car. Images show the wreckage of the vehicle with its rear blown off outside a block of houses.

The incident happened in the city of Mytishchi, Russia, which is just 10 miles northeast of Moscow. It was reported that the explosion was caused by a hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher that “exploded in the trunk” of the vehicle. Two people were taken to hospital with mine-explosive wounds and people from nearby houses were evacuated from the area.

The Twitter account Ukraine Weapons Tracker provided images of the explosion in a post, sharing the information they had.

“Today, a Swedish Pansarskott 86 (AT-4) launcher exploded in the truck of a civilian car- not in UA, but in Mytishchi, Russia. It was taken from the battlefields of E. Ukraine – perhaps as a souvenir or for sale,” they wrote.

They also provided a disclaimer: “It would usually be safe to transport such launchers around- but materiel that has been exposed to explosions (Heat, violent shaking) and the general environmental conditions of a war zone is more likely to have some kind of accidental detonation or fire.”

The explosion occurred as a result of the “detonation of ammunition” and items similar to army hand grenade launchers were also found in the trunk.

A 52-year-old retired major, Viktor Kovtykov, was identified as the man who brought the grenade from a besieged region back to Russia with the intention to sell it.


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