Strange Squid Washes Up On Shore In South Africa


A rare squid washing up on the shores of South Africa left a woman stunned by its size. The squid was found at Long Beach in Kommetjie, South Africa, by Ali Paulus and her family in the early morning. She posted photos of the creature on her Instagram, showing off the size of the animal compared to her son.

The tangled tentacles and the large size of the cephalopod measured to be around seven feet long without its arms extended. It appears that the squid may have suffered an injury looking at the gash located above its tentacles. Paulus guessed the injury could have been caused by a boat propeller.

Paulus’ post read: “Giant Squid – Long Beach Kommetjie. Seems there is not too much known about these creatures. Limited consensus over the number of species.

“Estimates of species across the genus vary. At least three distinct species exist, but there could be many more. The global distribution is wide and consistent with this sighting.

“Looks like this poor guy got taken out by a propeller.”

Giant squids tend to live in the deepest parts of the oceans, around 900 to 3,500 feet below the ocean’s surface. They hardly ever appear at the surface, which is cause for alarm.

Sightings of giant squid are very rare in the area. The most recent occurrence of a giant squid on shore was in Cape Town in 2020, when a baby giant squid washed up on a beach.


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