Strippers for the Seniors


Seniors are sick of board games, bingo, and routine tea breaks. They desire a more lively form of adult entertainment and a Taiwan nursing home was bold in switching up the agenda for their aging fantasies. The Taoyuan Veterans Home, a state-run facility in Taoyuan City for retired army personnel, invited strippers to entertain approximately 12 wheelchair-bound seniors during a harvest festival party.

Footage shows the stripper, who is wearing sparkly red and black lingerie with high heels, thrusting her breasts into a pensioner’s face whilst shaking her bottom.

Credit: ViralPress

The elderly residents were amused by the performance as they were tired of checking out grannies. Even though a senior couldn’t manage to get a few steps in without the assistance of the wheelchair, his hands had no difficulties touching the stripper’s breasts.

The stripper was also seen spreading her legs as she lap-danced in front of the group of pensioners and members of staff, who clapped along to the beat of the music.

Staff at the care home said they wanted to lift the spirits of the residents as the two previous Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations had been canceled due to the pandemic. 

The celebration video received criticism from viewers shaming the nursing home for hiring the stripper. They released a public apology to address the backlash. A nursing home spokesman said that the stripper’s actions were “too enthusiastic and fiery,” adding that personnel will be “more cautious” when planning such events in the future.

The spokesman added: “The intention of the event was to entertain residents and make them happy. We are very sorry for the offence that was caused.”

In defence of the nursing home, they offered bingo, karaoke, and mooncakes as part of the celebrations. The seniors just felt more drawn to the strippers.


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