Student Conducts Business Meeting From the Washroom

When duty calls, people are expected to rise up to the demands. One man couldn’t prioritize his responsibilities so he took on both duties at the same time: he was on the toilet attending a work meeting. He killed two birds with one stone by planting his laptop next to the washroom tiles.

Remote work makes life easier by taking work literally anywhere. People can flush the toilet and chat with their coworkers with a click of a button. Employees can be effective at getting the work done while avoiding the extra minutes spent in loo breaks.

A student Eric Zhu went viral on Twitter after sharing a Snapchat video of him in a bathroom meeting and his face was directed at the screen with the headphones in his ears. He was busy at work in an unusual setting and the caption read, “It’s over for me.”

There were screenshots of texts from his father about his principal contacting the family regarding the odd work situation. The principal isn’t pleased with hosting business meetings in the washroom… again.

People reacted to the tweet with suggestions. One user wrote: “You should create a Room that’s modelled after a bathroom.”

Another added: “Dad banging on the bathroom door… ‘You better not be taking business meetings in there again..'”

Another user wrote: “Now your high school should convert a storage closet into a ‘zoom room.’ Corporate offices have small ‘phone rooms’ or offices just for video calls. Your school should do the same.”

If he’s crushing it at work and school while not being a nuisance to others, does it really matter where the work gets done? Toilet paper can be used as notepads for the resourceful worker.