Suicide Pact Turns Into Attempted Murder Case


Deciding to end your life alongside your partner is a strenuous decision that involves the consent of both individuals. In this instance, a suicide pact between a couple went sideways and turned into an attempted murder case.

Two lovers from UP’s Prayagraj had made the decision to end their life together by jumping into the Yamuna river. Instead of taking the leap of faith, the man panicked and left the girl to jump into the river alone.

The woman who jumped had a six-year-old daughter and had been in a relationship with Chandu for almost seven years. She traveled to Pune with her daughter and came back after a period of time to find out that Chandu had gotten married. An ugly brawl broke out between the two but the man promised her that he would divorce his wife and get married to her instead.

Things didn’t work out that way. With numerous fights and constant unrest in their lives, they decided to end their lives together. After coming up with a date and time for the act to take place, they met up at the Yamuna river to jump from the bridge on May 29, 2022.

The woman jumped first and waited for her partner to follow. Fed up with the woman, he didn’t jump and carried on thinking she had already committed suicide.

Suprise surprise, the woman knew how to swim, swam out of the river and got an FIR registered against her partner. She made the decision then to do everything in her power to avenge the betrayal of her partner after the disloyalty he showed her.

When authorities arrived, they admitted the woman into hospital. An ongoing investigation is currently going on. According to officer Santosh Singh, an FIR was filed against Chandu for an attempt to murder and damage caused to the woman’s mobile.


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