Surf Ninjas | Get The Flick Outta Here #66

I had forgotten that this movie existed. Last week was the 30th Anniversary of its release. What better time to revisit a film that was my little brother’s all-time favorite movie at the time we first watched it?

Two brothers, adopted from Southeast Asia at an early age and raised on the beaches of Los Angeles, are plucked from a life of hanging ten and ripping the righteous gnar-gnar and taken back to the land of their birth. You see, they’re long-lost crown princes, prophesied to ascend to the throne and set their people free. But first, they must deal with the evil Leslie Nielsen, who has half a face and a robot hand because one time he got stepped on by an elephant.

What a supremely silly movie. But is it a BAD one?

Join us, as we decide whether to Get The Flick Outta Here.

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