Suspect Flees Crime Scene in Golf Cart


A California man’s smooth getaway turned out to be a huge bust. The man attempted to break into a car fled the scene of the crime in a golf cart and was promptly arrested by police.

Officers responded within minutes to the report of a car break-in with the suspect, Jude Smith, fleeing in a golf cart. The 27-year-old didn’t make it too far in his stolen golf cart when police found him on the 900 block of Princess Way.

Police said the golf cart’s ignition had been punched through, which means a tool other than the key was forced in to start the vehicle. Officers also found burglary tools, drugs, and drug paraphernalia with the man.

The Brentwood Police Department posted the dashcam video of officers pulling up to the man’s golf cart on their Facebook page. One user hilariously commented on the post: “‘What are you in for?’ ‘Stealing a golf cart…'”

Smith was inevitably arrested and the golf cart was returned to the golf course it was stolen from. Next time, it might be smart to choose a quicker getaway car for escaping.


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