Suspect Loses Pants, Continues Manhunt Nude


A manhunt took an unexpected turn after a suspect lost his pants. The man was running away from police in north Florida when he jumped into the Suwannee River. What transpired was an hours-long run from the law while naked.

The 50-year-old suspect was wanted for showing up at someone’s home in Branford and “refusing to leave” the area. The Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office was on the case and arrived at the rural home on 73rd Place to find the suspect had taken off running while “only wearing a pair of shorts.”

“Deputy (Pete) Merola gave chase until (the suspect) jumped in the river and began swimming away towards a floating dock and then hid under it,” the sheriff’s office said.

They continued: “Deputy (Larson) Zimmermann soon joined Deputy Merola, and the pair ordered (him) to come out, which he did, only to swim away again. … As (the suspect) was swimming away, he lost his shorts and was now skinny dipping in the river until he came to a large u-shaped dock and hid underneath it.”

The deputies spent the next couple of hours playing hide and seek with the suspect before he eventually tried to make a break for it. He began swimming across the river to the other side but one of the deputies and the dock owner were able to chase him down and capture him on the riverbank. The suspect was given a life preserved and a towel to cover himself.

The suspect was charged with resisting arrest without violence, along with failure to appear in court in connection with a 2021 case that involved the man “driving while his license was suspended.”


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