Suspicious Package Causes Scene at Airport


Weird packages delivered to people have made news before but this story has a bit of a twist to it. A suspicious package was spotted by the TSA at the Springfield-Branson National Airport in Springfield, Missouri.

Kent Boyd, public information and marketing manager for the airport, said the item looked like a bomb when it was scanned. It had wires hanging around it and liquid inside, making the resemblance uncanny. According to Boyd, scenarios like this one happen multiple times a year and TSA Agents handle them the same way: by shutting down the checkpoint completely.

Three flights were delayed because of this shutdown, which lasted for around an hour. The airport didn’t feel the need to close or be placed on lockdown since the situation was relatively calm. Other flights were also still arriving and taking off while the investigation went on.

Police eventually determined the suspicious package was a urine warmer. The urine warmer kit is identical to a flask, helping keep the urine warm for passing a drug test. It seems like there might be more to this story.

As for the airport, it was back to operating normally shortly after the incident was resolved.


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