Suspicious Raccoons Gather in Public Park


Raccoons are very mischievous creatures that have a mind of their own. Police in Colorado had to break up a group of suspicious-looking raccoons that were visiting a public park after hours.

These trash pandas were dispersed by officers in Pueblo City Park in the late hours of the evening. The raccoons were breaking the law as most public parks close at 10:00 p.m.

The Pueblo Police Department posted on Facebook about the incident. The caption read: “Just after 10:00p several suspicious parties were contacted in Pueblo City Park. They were warned about the park curfew closing at 10:00p and given a warning. #nightshift”.

The video shows the officer shining a flashlight at the gang of raccoons that had gathered around a picnic table. The officer can be heard talking to the animals. “Move it along. The park closes at 10.” As the raccoons scurry away, he tells them to “have a great night.”

The group will have to find some other place to hold their nightly meeting. Perhaps somewhere with garbage involved.


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