Swedish Government Removes Dance Permit Laws

Some laws are so bizarre that people are baffled at the purpose behind the law enforcement’s decision to keep them enforced. A strange Swedish law required restaurants and nightclubs to hold permits before they let their customers crash the dance floor.

The good news is that they are revisiting the laws and Sweden’s center-right coalition government is making a push to remove this decade-old requirement. The new proposal indicates that venues will no longer need a license to host dances. As a generic practice, the businesses would still need to register with the police but there is no added cost for the owners.

Under the current laws, a dance permit costs approximately $67. Police don’t want to see the customer’s moves unless there are proper licenses in place. Not getting the required licenses can have serious consequences such as losing their liquor and business licenses.

“It is not reasonable for the state to regulate people’s dance,” Justice Minister Gunnar Strömmer said. “By removing the requirement for a dance permit, we also reduce bureaucracy and costs for entrepreneurs and others who organize dances.”

Swedish media outlets support the removal of dance permits, and the laws have been regarded as “outdated and moralistic.” After all, moving one’s body should be one’s choice.

Source: https://apnews.com/article/sweden-government-e0542960cfe612350af6051ef878396d