Take a Ride on a Hydrogen Balloon


Hydrogen balloons are often seen as a fun way to be able to see the view from the sky. For one man, a balloon became his home for two days when it flew away while he was harvesting pine nuts from a tree.

The man identified as Hu was collecting pine nuts with a partner in a forest park in Heilongjiang province in northeastern China when they lost control and the balloon floated away. The other worker was able to jump to the ground but Hu wasn’t able to escape the balloon in time and sailed off with it.

The man was able to be contacted by cellphone the following morning and instructed on how to slowly deflate the balloon in order to land safely. It took another full day before the man reached the ground, a full 320 kilometers or 200 miles away from his original location. Hu ended up in the northeast in the Fangzheng region, close to the border with Russia.

Thankfully, Hu walked away from the incident in good health apart from lower back pain, presumably from standing the entire time he was in the air. Not much information was given from the Hailin Forestry Administration Co. other than that Hu was recovering in the hospital.


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