Tasmanian Devil Steals Woman’s Phone


Animals have a mind of their own, which makes them spontaneous when it comes to interacting with people. A Tasmanian devil showed off its quick skills after it snatched a visitor’s phone to use as a personal chew toy.

Jacqui Frazer was at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary enjoying a beautiful day when she decided to visit the Tasmanian devil’s enclosure to see if she could get a photo. As Frazer was leaning over the barrier, she got an unexpected surprise.

The devil, clearly not in the mood for photos, jumped at the woman, which caused her to drop her iPhone into the enclosure. It took the wildlife keepers around five minutes to get the phone back, as the animal went in and out of its den, enjoying the thrill of the chase.

To get the phone away from the devil, they ended up substituting a stick for the animal to gnaw on for the phone. Frazer was given the phone back but not without several bite marks included. This incident might be a sign to purchase a new phone.


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