Taylor Swift Fan Sells Raindrops From Concert

When you have a business mindset, anything has the opportunity to make you money. For a Taylor Swift fan, selling raindrops for $250 from the singer’s rainy Eras Tour stop in Massachusetts was a way to try to make a few extra bucks.

An Instagram account shared a screenshot taken from a now-deleted online listing titled “Taylor Swift Eras Tour Merch Rain.” In the picture, small clear containers can be seen filled with what the seller claimed to be raindrops from the artist’s second concert at the Gillette Stadium. This comes after someone listed their contacts for sale online after going to a Taylor Swift show.

The 33-year-old singer had decided to still put on her show despite the heavy rain pouring down. “Last night, we all danced together in the rain for the entire 3.5 hour show in foxy Foxborough MA!” she wrote in a post. “We’ve had rain shows at Gillette Stadium before but this was a full on deluge that never let up.”

Lucky enough for this fan, the rain proved to be a way to make a quick buck. It was possibly done to make up for the difference in the cost of the tickets in the first place.