Tea Stand Uses Unconventional Packaging


In several countries across Asia, chai tea is often sold in clear plastic bags rather than traditional plastic cups. Despite being able to purchase tea in standard bags, some companies have played around with the idea, including one small tea stand in Thailand that went viral for its use of questionable packaging to house its tea.

Cha Deen, the tea stall in question, is located in Lam Phlai, Thailand’s Songkhla Province, where you can purchase tea in a custom bag design that is shaped like a penis.

Naturally, Cha Deen’s custom bags went viral, which spurred several different reactions from people online. Some found the bags hilarious and to be a fantastic marketing strategy, while others found the bags to be offensive.

The stall has been open for four years now with a steady stream of customers but wanted to try something new to try to boost sales a bit. Shaping your tea bags like penises is apparently all you need to hit the jackpot.

Cha Deen has seen a significant increase in customers since going viral. People are always looking for creative ways to boost sales and this one might just take the cake.

The stand offers a variety of ice tea flavors, like Thai tea, green tea, cocoa, and Ovaltine, which you are able to purchase and sip out of a phallic-looking sack.


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