Teacher Abuse for Poor Marks


The tables have flipped in an Indian school where the students teach the teacher a lesson. Why hit the books when you can hit the staff? A group of students in Dumka, Jharkhand, were allegedly tying up their math teacher and school clerk to a tree after poor test results. Restricting their mobility allowed the students to assault the staff in an act of vengeance for their poor performance.

The violence took place at a Scheduled Tribe Residential School after the reveal of the class-9 examination results. Approximately 11 students received Grade ‘DD’ (Double D), which is a failing grade assigned by the Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC).

The teacher behind the knots was identified as Suman Kumar and the clerk was Soneram Chaure. The students were enraged due to Professor Kumar submitting low grades for the practical examinations, resulting in failed exams. Clerk Chaure got spanked for uploading the marks online on Jharkhand Academic Council’s site.

Students got lucky with a lenient staff team. “No FIR has been lodged in the case, as school management did not give any written complaint about the incident. After verification of the incident, I asked the school authority to file a complaint but it refused saying that if might spoil the careers of the students,” police lead, Nityanand Bhokta, said.

The students are the parent’s problem now. “To maintain law and order of the school, classes for class-9 and class-10 have been suspended for two days and students were sent back to their homes,” Bhokta added.


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