Teen Acts Like Spiderman


Superheroes are entertaining characters that give us a break from the mundane moments of ordinary life. Through their eyes, we suspend disbelief for a few hours and believe the impossible.

What happens when fiction and reality get blurred? If Spiderman leaps across buildings as an admired web-slinger, what stops a teen from jumping in faith to put off the same spectacle?

Clearly, not much. A teen went to the hospital after trying to jump six stories off a parking deck at a Buckhead apartment complex. He wasn’t a hero — this teen was a criminal fleeing the premises to escape arrest.

Atlanta police were called to the residence when three men broke into cars in the parking lot in the middle of the night. The cops chased them down and one of the men attempted to drive away but crashed the vehicle. Jalen Wright, the 20-year-old driver, was arrested.

Shortly after, Cartier Evans, a 19-year-old, jumped off the parking deck and as a result of the fall, he injured himself. Police officers caught Evans on the ground and took him to Grady Memorial Hospital, where he is recovering from the injuries.

The third suspect managed to get away, and cops are searching for him. The exact number of cars that have been broken into remains unknown

Wright and Evans are subject to charges related to “aggravated assault, attempted theft of auto, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.”

Through the eventful break-in mission, Evans realized that he cannot model the superhero successfully. He will stick to loving the character on-screen without trying to mimic the action. After all, the human body only has a limited number of limbs.


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