Teen Charges His Penis With USB Cable


Teenagers are at that age where sexual experimentation can lead to embarrassing moments with painful scars. A teenage boy’s exploration of his body left him in the hospital because he had a USB cable stuck inside his penis.

He needed extra hands to detangle this solo mess. In a urology case report, the 15-year-old boy explained that he was “trying to measure the inside of his penis.” Doctors took over to treat the situation after the USB cable had become tangled inside his body, resulting in blood loss through his urine.

Based on the doctor’s reports, “The two distal ports of the USB wire were found to be protruding from the external urethral meatus whilst the middle part of the knotted wire remained within the urethra. The patient was an otherwise fit and healthy adolescent with no history of mental health disorders.”

The teen was ashamed of the events leading up to his hospital visit. He altered the story to save his face in front of his mom. The boy opened up to the doctors about the full story in the absence of his mother. He confessed to using a cable instead of a ruler as a way of ‘sexual experimentation.’

It was a tangled mess that the doctors could not remove by a metal rod. As a last resort, doctors had to opt for surgery to remove the wires from his genitals.

Doctors have grown accustomed to many instances where masturbation has gone horribly wrong. People find creative ways to make doctors work for their salaries. The urology doctors added: “Sexual experimentation and gratification, as well as underlying mental disorders, are considered the main causes of retained foreign bodies in the urethra and bladder.”

He may not be able to look his mom in the eye but he has made a smooth recovery post-surgery.


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