Teen Injects Herself With Boyfriend’s Blood for Love


Showing off your love for someone can come in several different ways. A 15-year-old girl in India tried to prove her love and devotion by injecting herself with her boyfriend’s HIV-positive blood.

The unnamed girl is from Suwal Kuchchi, a village in Assam, India, where she and her boyfriend have been together for around three years. The pair met on Facebook and have tried to elope in the past but the girl’s parents have always tracked them down and brought her home.

The girl decided to switch things up this time. Instead of running away, she used a syringe to inject herself with her boo’s HIV-infected blood to prove her love for him. That’ll show her parents.

It’s unclear if the boy knew of her intentions with the blood but authorities in Hajo have detained him for now. Naturally, the girl’s parents filed a complaint against him. The girl’s health is currently being monitored by doctors but she will most likely need to take medication for the rest of her life to help her body fight off the HIV virus from destroying her immune system completely.


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