Teen Microwaves Phone to Watch Food Cook


Have you ever wondered what your food looks like cooking in the microwave? For most, looking through the glass is enough to satisfy their curiosity. For others, some more experiments have to take place.

Susan Kisena did some investigating of her own by microwaving her phone to watch a sandwich heat up. The 18-year-old posted the video on TikTok claiming she took the video around four or five years ago.

In the video, Kisena places the iPhone at the back of the microwave before closing the door and pressing the start button. Within three seconds of being inside, the phone’s screen starts to glitch before going dark completely.

Kisena decided to share the video with others because it gave her a laugh. “This video was really only saved for myself and I found it recently in my Snapchat memories and decided to repost it on TikTok,” she said.

She added: “Didn’t know it would blow up, but it did.”

The video has done numbers online, receiving over two million views on the platform so far. It’s also received a fair amount of comments criticizing the teen’s decision. One person wrote: “Damn. We need a better education system.”

Another user commented: “But the window is already on the microwave so that you can watch it.”

Kisena mentioned in the comments that her phone was still working afterward, which is how she was still able to have the footage. “It had only had some temperature warning. I just needed it to cool down a few minutes,” she said.


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